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Waste Disposal Services
Depending on the density of the waste, we can provide containers with a capacity ranging from 1.6 m - 40 m.
Industrial Cleaning Services
We provide powerful Hydro jetting machines to carry out cleaning jobs once considered “impossible”.
Technical Department
All Al Fahhad Zegwaard Co. trucks and equipment are maintained at our Dammam Workshop. And also we undertake repair and maintenance on contract basis for our clients.
Al-Fahhad Zegwaard-Co. founded in 1979 as a Saudi / Dutch Joint Venture, providing Waste Management and related services to the private sector throughout the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Since 1992, Al-Fahhad Zegwaard-Co. became under sole Saudi Arabia Proprietorship of Mr. Saleh Al - Fahhad.
Since 1986, with continued growth of the company and ever-increasing demand for its services in the Industrial Sector, Al-Fahhad Zegwaard-Co. further extended the services into more specialized areas such as: Hydrojetting, Catalyst Handling, Tank Cleaning, and other related services.
Al-Fahhad Zegwaard-Co. located its head office in Dammam and opened branch offices in both Jubail and Yanbu in order to provide the clients with our professional and efficient services 24 hours per day 7 days a week.
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 Man Power

 Solid Waste

 Liquid Waste

 Sewer Line 
 Road Sweeper
 Hazardous Waste

 Hydro jetting  

 Bundle Pulling

 Vacuum Truck
 Tank Cleaning
 Catalyst Handling
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