Catalyst Handling Services

Al Fahhad Zegwaard Co.

Catalyst handling division was formed in 1986 and has continued to provide a specialized service to the Petrochemical and Refining Industries in Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East.
We have performed catalyst change-outs operating under normal and inert atmospheres on a wide variety of reactors such as: Methanol Converters, Ammonia Converters, Sulfur Converters, Primary Reformers, Platformers, Tubular Reactors, Gas Dryers, etc.

Our Catalyst Handling Services include:

– Isolation / blinding of equipment.
– Removal / Installation of internals.
– Vacuum unloading / gravity unloading of catalyst & support materials.
– Catalyst Skimming
– Pre-bagging / pre-socking and screening of catalyst.
– Reactor neutralization.
– Dense loading / sock loading
– Video Inspection and Pressure Drop Testing of tubes

The use of advanced catalyst handling equipment, such as clam flow and drum filler, allows dust free unloading at an attrition level of less than 0.1 % even with extruded catalyst.All work is performed in compliance with strict safety rules and regulations, by our experienced catalyst technicians whom are well trained at our Dammam facility.

Advanced Catalyst Handling Equipment

Compared to the conventional equipment the Technivac advanced catalyst handling equipment from the UK,
have demonstrated the improvement of the environmental, health, and safety standards during the catalyst handling.

Drum Filler

This design concept completely eliminates the need for air lock devices to achieve simultaneous vacuum extraction and drumming. It also provides total containment without any form of dust emission to the atmosphere, it automatically prevents the drum overfill without utilizing and level probes. If required a nitrogen purge can be fitted directly to the system. In direct comparison to conventional drum filling equipment the system is simple to operate with virtually no maintenance

Clam-Flow Hopper

Clam-Flow separation does not utilize centrifugal force to separate catalyst pellets from conveying air / gas but relies upon a rapid and non turbulent reduction in conveying gas velocity which in basic terms allows the catalyst pellets gently fall out of the conveying air / gas flow without impact against the walls of the separator. The major advantage is that it yields very low levels of attrition in comparison to cyclone type separators which makes the Clam-Flow Hopper (Separator) suitable not only for catalyst unloading but also for reloading with automatic de-dusting during loading. Accepted and approved by Saudi Aramco as an alternative method of catalyst unloading. The system has been used successfully for unloading and loading molecular sieve at Uthmaniyah and Shedgum Gas Plant.

Catalyst Handling Services

Dry Industrial Vacuum Truck

The dry industrial vacuum truck or vacuum trailer is equipped with a powerful blower to create an air flow of up to 8,000 m3 / hour at a max. vacuum of 5,000 mm WG. The units are equipped with filter bags and emergency (fine filters) to avoid dust emission into the atmosphere.

The dry materials are collected into a 12 – 15 m3 body with hose connection of 4”, 6” and 8”. The tail gate can be hydraulically opened and tipped for easy unloading.

The dry industrial vacuum truck / trailer (commonly known as super suckers) are mainly used in the Petrochemical and Refining Industry for:
– Catalyst unloading
– Perlite unloading
– Removal of sand, grit blasting material from tanks and vessels, etc.
– Removal of dust in and around silo’s, conveyor belts, etc.

Catalyst Handling Services

Screening Machine

The SWECO screening machine with a diameter of 60” can be fitted with a multi screen decks is all required sizes to screen dust from catalyst or screen catalyst and/or alumina / ceramic balls in different sizes. Each deck has a collection point and drums or big bags can be placed under these points to load the screened materials.

Above the screening machine is a hopper placed with a knife valve in order to control the flow going to the screens. Too much material in the screening machine will have negative effect on the screening result. It is important that the particles make contact with the screen(s). The average screening speed with a 3 deck built-up machine is ±1.5 m3 / hour. (depending on size, type of catalyst and adjustment of the vibrators)

The screening machine requires a power source of: 230 / 460 volts (60 Hz)

Catalyst Handling Services

Life Support System

The majority of the catalyst work is performed under a nitrogen atmosphere, to minimize downtime by eliminating the regeneration of the catalyst to be handled. The nitrogen purge will replace the air and provides for a safe unloading of pyrophoric materials.

Working under these inert conditions requires state of the art Breathing Apparatus. All Al Fahhad Zegwaard Co Life Support Systems are air conditioned and designed in such way that time for rig up / rig down is minimized. Each unit consists of:
– Air and Communication Console.
– Primary and Secondary air supply systems.
– Clam-shell helmets (complete with demand valves and head-set & microphone)
– Umbilical lines comprising of double air lines, communication cable, and safety line.
– Harness assembly with egress cylinder.
– Scott Air-pack, Emergency resuscitator, First Aid kit and Gas Detection analyzer.
Each life support unit can support up to three entry technicians and an unlimited number of persons can be connected on line to the communication system.

Catalyst Handling Services

Video Inspection

For video inspection Al Fahhad Zegwaard Co. uses state of the art video equipment that consist of color camera, monitor and recording facilities.

The video camera can be used for inspection of reformer tubes, tanks, vessels and sewer lines (in combination with a camera car).

Especially under inert atmosphere our entry technicians can make video records of the internals. For example we made extensive video images of the Methanol Storage tank in the Ind’l Port of Jubail after the tank was damaged (imploded). The video images provided useful information regarding the nature of the damage and development of repair procedures.

Catalyst Handling Services

DP Testing

During the catalyst change-out of the Primary Reformer Tubes both video camera and DP Testing equipment is essential for a proper loading of catalyst. Al Fahhad Zegwaard Co. has conventional DP testers with gauges or digital equipment with expandable plugs.
Catalyst Handling Services

Nitrogen Circulation Unit

During the unloading of pyrophoric catalyst by means of vacuum unloading from the reactor the nitrogen is normally lost trough the exhaust of the vacuum unit. However, with the use of the nitrogen circulation unit, placed after the exhaust of the vacuum unit, the nitrogen can be recycled back into the reactor, in order to reduce the nitrogen consumption.

Catalyst Handling Services

Mechanical Work

Al Fahhad Zegwaard Co. can offer in addition to the industrial services all mechanical work. From relatively small tasks such as blinding / de-blinding of equipment to more complicated ones such as complete dismantling / installation of internals from reactor, columns, vessels, etc.

Al Fahhad Zegwaard co. assisted with computer software and technical back-up we can provide hydraulic torque wrench and bolt tensioning equipment. Compared to more conventional means such as the use of hammer wrench (flogging spanner) the advantage of using hydraulic torque wrench or bolt tensioning equipment are:
◙ More safer and faster
◙ Tightening bolts with correct torque values (applied to all bolts per joint)
◙ No damage to bolts or gaskets

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