Hazardous Waste Disposal

Hazardous waste, mainly oily waste water, oil, oil sludge, acid, paint residues, solvents, jell, sanitary sludge is collected by our ind’l vacuum trucks or in sealed drums by our flatbed trailer and transported to the approved dumping facilities in accordance with the MEPA regulations, in the following activities:

1. Laboratory Testing:

Prior to collection of the waste (if no MSDS sheet available) a sample is taken and forwarded to a Laboratory for analysis in order to characterize the waste and to prepare for the correct disposal and
treatment procedures

2. Collection of the Waste:

The hazardous waste is collected from the client (generator) and both Service Order and Waste Manifest filled out and signed by the generator confirming that the waste was collected by Al Fahhad Zegwaard Co.

3. Transportation and Disposal:

The hazardous waste is transported in bulk by ind’l vacuum truck or in sealed drums by flatbed trailer to the designated disposal area. Upon arrival at the dumping facility the waste is checked and Waste Manifest form completed, in order to confirm that the total quantity and type of waste was safely received.

During the transportation and handling of the hazardous waste Al Fahhad Zegwaard Co. takes full responsibility and an Emergency Response Plan is in place in case of an accident or spill.

Placards “Corrosive”, “Flammable” or “Poison” are used and clearly posted on the equipment (such as vacuum truck, vacuum trailer, etc.) at the rear and left side to quickly identify the hazardous material loaded, in accordance with UN system.