Catalyst Handling Services

Tank Cleaning Services

With a combination of the equipment such as Hydrojetting Machines and Industrial Vacuum Trucks we are capable to perform efficient and cost effective tank cleaning jobs, including:
– Mechanical work (blinding / de-blinding & opening / closing manholes)
– Transfer of remaining product (by air-driven diaphragm pumps)
– Ventilation & Gas Freeing
– Sludge removal
– Internal cleaning (by Hydrojetting and/or Steam Cleaning)

Tank cleaning can be executed in a safe manner with all kinds of safety gear provided by Al Fahhad Zegwaard Co., such as: breathing apparatus, gas detection testers, explosion proof lighting, plastic shovels, and PPE.

Al Fahhad Zegwaard Co.

Catalyst handling division was formed in 1986 and has continued to provide a specialized service to the Petrochemical and Refining Industries in Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East.
We have performed catalyst change-outs operating under normal and inert atmospheres on a wide variety of reactors such as: Methanol Converters, Ammonia Converters, Sulfur Converters, Primary Reformers, Platformers, Tubular Reactors, Gas Dryers, etc.

Our Catalyst Handling Services

– Isolation / blinding of equipment.
– Removal / Installation of internals.
– Vacuum unloading / gravity unloading of catalyst & support materials.
– Catalyst Skimming
– Pre-bagging / pre-socking and screening of catalyst.
– Reactor neutralization.
– Dense loading / sock loading
– Video Inspection and Pressure Drop Testing of tubes

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